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The Leesport Reporter - Volume 1, Summer 2022

Borough Council Receives Outstanding Elected Officials Award
Earlier this year, the Berks County Public Libraries honored Leesport Borough Council with the Outstanding Elected Official Award at their 19th annual awards ceremony. Presented by Virginia Hand, the Outstanding Elected Official Award serves to recognize elected officials at any level of government for outstanding support of library services.   “This year’s recipient, the Leesport Borough Council, showed outstanding commitment to the Schuylkill Valley Community Library by assisting them with the application for a Keystone Grant. The normally daunting application process became more complex as the Schuylkill Valley library straddles two municipalities. The Schuylkill Valley Board of Trustees noted in their nomination that despite the extra time and work involved with the application, the council members persevered to help the library submit (and ultimately receive) a Keystone grant”, said Hand.   The BCPL Advisory Board considered nominations from either of the last two years and held the awards ceremony virtually.  “The awards serve as a testament to the strength and unrelenting commitment from those who helped keep library services operating over the last two years, said System Administrator Amy Resh.
Matt Walborn, Tom Fronina, Carl Moyer, Ron Strause, David J. Reimer Sr., Cody Madeira M20220216_201505

Schuylkill Valley Community Library Expands
By: Christie Brown, Library Director
Here at the Schuylkill Valley Community Library, we have been developing our programs and services in recent years. As we grew, we recognized a dire need for more space. Thanks in part to a Keystone Grant award in partnership with the Leesport Borough, this dream is becoming reality. It all began several years ago, when library staff began discussing the possibilities with the SVCL Board of Directors and then with the Leesport Borough Council. For many years, programs were held in the main library space, which meant sitting between shelves for story time and working on projects on top of shelves and on the floor. While we have a ramp leading to our entrance, our front doors are heavy and difficult for many library users to navigate. So a plan was developed and we applied for the Keystone Grant in early 2020. The $135,000 grant was awarded in fall of 2020 and would cover half of the estimated costs of the project. Due to prices of many materials rising drastically during that time, the total cost of the project ended up exceeding the estimate by over $50,000. To date, the meeting room has been built, the roof replaced, two bathrooms were added and the automatic doors were installed.  We are working on some additional components of the project thanks to another grant we received, but we still need to raise about $100,000 to pay the outstanding bills and pay off our construction loan. We were able to begin using the meeting space in February to offer free tax preparation to senior citizens in partnership with AARP. Having this new space has made such a difference. Come check it out for yourself!  We can’t wait for everyone to visit!   


Girl Scouts Gratitude Garden
When Girl Scout Juniors team up to make a difference in their community, they learn important leadership skills, discover new passions, and watch how seemingly small actions make a big difference. It all adds up to the Girl Scout Bronze Award—the highest honor a Junior can achieve.  In working on their Bronze Award last spring, Girl Scout Troop #1263 created a Gratitude Garden at the Leesport Playground as part of their “Take Action” for the award.  Troop #1263, consisting of SVMS 5th and 6th graders, worked hard on decorating rocks with cute designs along with inspirational words and sayings. Their hope is to put a smile on someone's face, spread joy, and positivity.  They chose the Leesport Playground because they felt it is a place in the community where many gathers together and where it would make a lasting impact.

Kids Book Share Box
Did you know there’s a Kids Book Share box at Rachel Trois Park?   Stop by and check it out.  Let us know what you think.   Many thanks to Rec Board member Megan Stubblebine for leading this project, to our sponsor Crave Press of Leesport, and to Mckenzie and Harvey for the great quotes.  Do you have books that you’d like to donate?  Drop us an email

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Borough of Leesport 2022 Meeting Dates

Recreation Board – 1st Wednesday, 7pm
Ad Hoc Council – 2nd Wednesday, 6pm
Budget Committee - After Ad Hoc (as needed) Council – 3rd Wednesday, 7pm
Buildings & Properties - After council (as needed) Personnel - After council (as needed)
Roads - After council (as needed)
Water - After council (as needed)
Planning Commission – 2nd Monday, 7pm (as needed)
Water Authority - After council (Mar., Jun., Sept., Dec.)

Leesport Borough Hall
27 S. Canal Street

Union Fire Co. #1 of Leesport

18 East Wall St., PO Box 777, Leesport, PA 1953 -  

State lawmakers call it a crisis: there’s a severe shortage of volunteer firefighters.

According to the Pennsylvania Fire and Emergency Services Institute, there were about 300,000 volunteer firefighters in the 1970s. That number dwindled to 38,000 in 2018.  Fire officials say the shortage is partially caused by rising operating costs and fundraising demands. They also cite a lack of time to volunteer.  If you're willing to put in the time and effort, the Leesport Fire Company is ready for you.  Volunteers are needed in various non-firefighting support and fundraising roles too.  Contact your neighborhood firefighter or visit the station on Tuesday evenings for more information.

Northern Berks Emergency Medical Services

26 Wall St., PO. Box 625, Leesport, PA 19533 -

Business Spotlight
Tires to your Spot
Waiting can be a dreadful thing. Getting your tires changed can cause hours of lost time that nobody enjoys. That’s what was going through Jeremy James’ mind as he was wasting two and a half hours for all four tires to be changed, his young kids along for the ride. James decided he didn’t want to sit around and waste time waiting anymore. So, with the in mind, Tires to Your Spot was born.
    Tires to Your Spot was founded in 2016 and is a unique business where James comes to you and changes all four tires at your location, wherever that may be. Similar to Safelite’s windshield replacement services, James will come to you and take care of changing your tires and you wouldn’t even know he was there.  Whether 
you’re at work, eating family dinner or even in the grocery store, as long as he can physically get to you, he will be there. 
    James, a ’99 graduate from Schuylkill Valley High School, runs his business out of his home in Leesport, the town he was raised in. Never a car or tire fanatic before, the tire industry was new to James at inception, but he quickly gained traction and has expanded his business to a 50 miles radius, working on tires for individuals and organizations on cars, trucks, vans, or even equipment trailers. He can even change tires for small businesses while the businesses are closed. Wherever your tire changing needs, Tires to Your Spot will take care of them!     By:  Jeremy Winterstein
Northern Berks Regional Police Department

37 Ontelaunee Dr., Reading, PA 19605 -
The Northern Berks Regional Police Department is excited to announce that we will be celebrating National Night Out on Tuesday, August 2nd at 6pm at the Schuylkill Valley High School. Be sure to watch for more information on our Facebook page as we get closer to the event. Anyone wishing to participate or make donations can contact us at:  Save the Date!

Body worn cameras and in-car cameras for our officers have been ordered and should be deployed in June. These will record interactions between our officers and the public. Some of the expenses for these cameras will be covered courtesy of Berks County District Attorney John Adams. We are thankful for the continued partnership with the DAs Office.

Finally, with warmer weather approaching, we would like to remind everyone to drive safely, and especially don’t drive after drinking or taking prescription medicine (including medical marijuana).

Chief James Keiser

2022 Summer Playground Program
Fresh Life Skate Jam
Fresh Life Outreach will return this year for family-oriented fun with free food, drinks, music, games, biking, boarding, blading, scootering, and more.  Bring your gear and enjoy the fun and excitement of a mini mobile SKATE PARK. There will be extra skateboards, helmets, and safety pads for anyone who is willing to give it a try.  This event is FREE, but donations are appreciated to help fund future jams.  All ages welcome!          
2022 Dates: Activities and Events)    
Location: Rachel Trois Park, Leesport Ave. & Wislee Jct.

Leesport Area Historical Society

Did you know that The Leesport Area Historical Society is located on Main Street at the Old West Leesport School?  There are many pictures of Leesport, Mohrsville, Centerport and other towns in the area.

LAHS June-August Calendar of Events:
Sun., June 5: 1-4 PM – Open House at the Museum; West Leesport School House, 128 Main St.
Sat., June 11 - Magical History Tour and Kids at Work and Play Back in the Day; Leesport Lockhouse
Mon., June 27 - 7 PM – LAHS Business Meeting; Bethany EC Church, 308 Main St.
Mon., July 25: 7 PM – LAHS Program - Lynn Otto presents “A Walk with Conrad Weiser”; Bethany EC Church, 308 Main St.
Sun., August 7: 1-4 PM – Open House at the Museum; West Leesport School House, 128 Main St.
Mon., August 22: 7 PM – LAHS Business Meeting; Bethany EC Church, 308 Main St.


JUNE 2022
1 – Recreation Board Meeting, Borough Hall, 7pm
5 – Open House at the Museum, West Leesport School House, 128 Main Street, 1pm-4pm
8 – Borough Council Ad-Hoc Meeting, Leesport Fire Company Hall and on ZOOM, 6pm
11 – Magical History Tour and Kids at Work and Play Back in the Day, Leesport Lockhouse
15 – Borough Council Regular Meeting.  Leesport Fire Company Hall and on ZOOM.  7pm
27 – LAHS Business Meeting, Bethany EC Church, 308 Main Street, 7pm
JULY 2022
6 – Recreation Board Meeting, Borough Hall, 7pm.
3 – Borough Council Ad-Hoc Meeting, Leesport Fire Company Hall and on ZOOM, 6pm
20 – Borough Council Regular Meeting, Leesport Fire Company Hall and on ZOOM, 7pm
25 – LAHS Program, Lynn Otto presents “A Walk with Conrad Weiser”, Bethany EC Church 308 Main St., 7pm
3 – Recreation Board Meeting, Borough Hall, 7pm
7 – Open House at the Museum, West Leesport School House, 128 Main Street, 1-4 pm
10 – Borough Council Ad-Hoc Meeting, Leesport Fire Company Hall and on ZOOM, 6pm
17 – Borough Council Regular Meeting, Leesport Fire Company Hall and on ZOOM, 7pm
22 – LAHS Business Meeting, Bethany EC Church, 308 Main Street, 7pm
9 – Leesport Area Community Days, 5pm-10pm
10 – Leesport Area Community Days, 4pm-9pm